Facilitation & Coaching

The leadership teams and executives I work with typically face challenges such as:

·       Leading their organisation through change and adapting to unexpected circumstances

·       Developing strategy in business contexts which are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous

·       Conversing with one another in a way that is conducive to effective decision-making. This means they can be supportive as well as robustly challenging with one another (and therefore avoid habits such as excessive ‘politeness’, inward focus, blaming or defensiveness)

·       Respecting and valuing diversity and creating the psychological safety required for people in the leadership team and the rest of the organisation to speak up

·       Making decisions which are genuinely in collaboration with employees experiences and ideas

·       Figuring out how to perform well as individual executives responsible for specific departments, as well as collectively and collaboratively as an organisational leadership team

·       Being resilient enough to achieve increasingly stretching targets with creativity and engagement without succumbing to burn-out


Genuine shifts in behaviour, which are required to address the challenges above need prioritisation and persistence as well as support from the wider system to be viable longer term – my focus is towards sustainable change which translates into the way individuals relate with one another.

I am currently working with clients globally, ranging from household names to small start-ups, to address these challenges through training events, facilitated team workshops, executive coaching and longer term organisational development programmes.

I am also an Associate with Michael Chaskalson at Mindfulness Works, delivering mindfulness training for leaders.

Please do contact me here if you would like to hear more about the options which are available to address the specific challenges you are facing.