Research Reports / Theses

Reitz, M., Higgins, J. (2019). Speaking Truth to Power at Work: How we silence ourselves and others – interim survey results. Hult Research.

Reitz, M., Higgins, J. (2017). Being silenced and silencing others: Developing the capacity to speak truth to power. Hult Research.

Reitz, M., Chaskalson, M., Olivier, S., Waller, L. (2016). The Mindful Leader: Developing the capacity for resilience and collaboration in a complex world. Hult Research. 

Waller, L., Reitz, M., Poole, E., Muir, A. (2014). The neuroscience of leadership development: preparing through experience. Berkhamsted: Ashridge. 

Reitz, M. (2014). How does Martin Buber's concept of I-Thou dialogue inform the theory and practice of relational leadership? Doctoral thesis. Bedfordshire: Cranfield University.


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